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Kanye Reveals More Insights About Jay Z!!!!!



Kanye Reveals More Insights About Jay Z

Kanye Reveals More Insights About Jay Z. There is no secret that these two rap moguls have issues. However, it sounds like Kanye wants peace.

What is Kanye really saying about Jay Z?

Kanye reveals more insights about Jay Z. Once again Kanye went on a series of rants on Twitter. Is possible that Jay Z has sold Kanye’s masters? Kanye mentioned that in order for Jay to get his masters he sold Kanye’s. Kanye uploaded all of his music contracts onto Twitter. And, Kanye is refusing to release any more music until the issue is resolved. According to The Source, Kanye is seeking to own his masters.

Not to mention, Kanye wants full ownership of his masters. Kanye mentioned he will not publish any more music. To make matters worse, Kanye allegedly urinated on a his 21 Grammy’s and uploaded them. I certainly hope that Kanye did not urinate on his Grammy’s. That would be really disturbing. It may also further prove that Kanye is mentally unstable. Especially, since Kanye was just in the news for accusing his wife (Kim) and mother -in-law (Chris Jenner) of trying to have him committed.

Be that as it may, the contracts Kanye uploaded on Twitter reveal some insights to what Jay may have done. With that said, this information from Kanye has not been substantiated by anyone in Jay’s camp. Therefore, we can only speculate that the rumors may not be true. But if they are true, what will happen next? Will Kanye be able to get ownership of his masters? What we do know is that Def Jam are the alleged owners of Kanye’s master. We will bring you any latest developments as this story unfolds.


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