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Justin Bieber & Chance Cash Giveaway!!!!



Justin Bieber & Chance The Rapper Cash Giveaway

Justin Bieber & Chance Cash Giveaway. These two entertainers gave money to those who needed. Some of the recipients of the money were teachers, students and cashiers.

Plus the release new music together

Justin Bieber & Chance cash giveaway. This was a wonderful gesture from these two powerful men. The testimonies that poured out from the people they helped. In addition, to giving money away they have new music together. The new tune is titled “Holy”, as reported by TMZ

In this day and it is important that we assist those who are less fortunate. And, I think what Justin and Chance have done is commendable, to say the least. Of course, I am sure that some entertainers have donated money to social organizations. But some times the money you give may not go directly to everyone in need. However, this was a clear way to make sure those who needed the money actually received it.

With that said, here are some of the people who were helped by Chance and Justin generosity. A young man who works as a handyman was given $400. The money helped him to pay his rent and other bills. Another person named Sakinah said the $500 she was given has helped her nail business.

Also, Tiffany who is a cashier was very grateful she was given $500 from Justin and Chance. Tiffany supports her parents who both had COVID -19. Clearly, Justin and Chance had the right idea.

Justin Bieber & Chance The Rapper Cash Giveaway

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