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Juelz Santana In Danger!!!!!



Juelz Santana In Danger!!!!!

Juelz Santana In Danger!!!!! Rapper and Love and Hip Hop NY star is currently imprisoned. Also, the prison has had a Covid 19 virus outbreak. Lastly, he has been put on lockdown for 2 weeks because of the virus.

Laron “Juelz Santana” James Petition

Kimbella Shares Juelz Santana Prison Pic + Delivers Emotional ...

According to, Juelz wife, Kimbella James has started a petition to get him released from prison. Also, the reason for this petition is because the prison that he is in has a Covid 19 virus outbreak. Lastly, he is being placed on lockdown for 2 weeks, until the virus is under control. On the petition page, Kimbella writes,

#FreeJuelzSantana AKA Laron James. He needs to be freed during this pandemic to be with his family. Also, he is currently on lockdown for 2 weeks because of the Covid 19 virus outbreak. Second, he has served 13 months at FCI Petersburg and should be allowed to serve the rest of his sentence on home confinement. Third, BOP & Honorable Judge Chesler can make this happen for Laron. Forth, he is a good husband, father, son, brother,  friend and has a positive media influence as a legendary rap artist. Lastly, we need you to sign this petition to get Leron James aka Juelz Santana home.

Please Check Out This Video And Sign The Petition To Get Him Home As I Have Already Signed It.

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