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Judge Hits Dark Lo With 7 Year Sentence!!!



Judge Hits Dark Lo With 7 Year Sentence

The North Philly rapper was not expecting so much time in prison. But Charles”Dark Lo” Salley, gets seven and a half years behind bars. The court found him guilty of intimidating a witness.

Dark Lo Pleads Guilty: Now His Fate Is Sealed

The 39-year-old admitted to writing a letter to Dontez”Taz” Stewart. Dontez was a government informant who testified against Abdul”AR-Ab. Rapper AR-Ab who was the founder of Black Hustlaz with Dark Lo is currently serving a 45-year sentence. AR-Ab was convicted in April for allegedly running a drug trafficking ring, as reported by Complex. Also, allegedly AR-Ab was involved in multiple murders.

The prosecutors said Dark Lo sent an intimidating letter to Dontez just before his testimony. Allegedly, Dark Lo told Dontez if he took the stand he would get stabbed in prison. In addition, in the letter, Dark Lo allegedly threatened Dontez’s girlfriend. However, Dark Lo admitted it was not his intention to threaten Dontez. He was just giving the witness a heads up about prison.

Special Agent Michael J. Driscoll had this to say in a press release,

“Imagine agreeing to be a federal witness against members of a violent drug gang and the day before you take the stand, one of their buddies threatens you and yours,”

FBI agent Michael J. Driscoll went on to say,

This is exactly the type of thing our witness tampering laws are designed to prevent, as our justice system depends on witnesses being willing to share what they know. The FBI simply will not permit them to be targeted like this, in an attempt to subvert the rule of law. Charles Salley was hoping to keep his OBH associates out of prison. Instead, he finds himself behind bars as well, for quite some time.”

Unfortunately, because of his actions, Dark Lo will spend a lot of time behind bars. Ultimately, Dark Lo was trying to keep his friend AR-Ab from going to prison. In fact, the tables turned on him. Incidentally, Dark Lo was allegedly accused of snitching on AR-Ab. The very same thing he alleged Dontez had done. Hopefully, Dark Lo will only spend half of his sentence.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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