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Jo Jo Capone’s Interview About Vlad TV!!!!



Jo Jo Capone's Interview About Vlad TV

Jo Jo Capone’s Interview About Vlad TV. So, you may wonder why Jo Jo is called the” Mediator of Rap.” Well, take a listen.

Jo Jo Capone hits home with this  message

Jo Jo Capone’s interview about Vlad TV. Is it safe to say that Jo Jo has some valid points about rappers. Especially, those who keep going on Vlad’s podcast. Is Vlad TV the vehicle which allegedly ends some rappers careers?

Furthermore, could it be that Vlad’s podcast targeted troubled rappers? Be that as it may, Jo Jo spoke with the hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored to provide his thoughts. During the interview I found it interesting that Jo Jo did not hold back with his opinions. In fact, Jo Jo observations about rappers make a choice to reveal their alleged crimes on Vlad TV.

Therefore, why should we be surprised what happens once rappers talk about gang life and criminal activity. Clearly, the authorities are watching what is said on social media and podcast like Vlad TV.

Isn’t it obvious by now? The issue is really not with Vlad TV but with rappers who tell their business publicly, as reported by Dondiva Global. Once again, hosts O’God and SamAnt asked the questions we all wanted answered. Also, it was clear to me why Jo Jo is revered by the rap community as a mediator.

Jo Jo Capone

Check out the video above for more details.

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