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Jharrel Jerome Makes History With Emmy Win!!!!!



Jharrel Jerome Makes History With Emmy Win

Jharrel Jerome makes history with Emmy win. He is the 1st Afro-Latino to be nominated and win for his portrayal in the limited series, “When They See Us”. He is also the youngest person to ever win the award.

Historic win for actor in “When They See Us”

Last night the Emmy award went to Jharrel Jerome. The actors in this move portrayed the “Exonerated Five.” The wrongfully convicted teens were accused of raping a woman jogger in Central Park, NY in 1989, as reported by the Huffington Post. All five of the young boys went to jail until another man confessed. The prosecutor on each of their case vacated their sentences. Afterwards each man sued a won a judgement of $41 million. Also, each man sued the state of New York and won a settlement of$ 3.2 million.

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