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Jermaine Hopkins Interview On Movie Juice



Jermaine Hopkins Interview On Movie Juice.

Jermaine Hopkins Interview On Movie Juice. Many people may not recognize Jermaine’s name but his face is familiar. Of course, Jermaine had other acting in other roles.

Jermaine and Tupac were friends

Jermaine Hopkins interview on movie Juice. I can recall the first time I saw Jermaine acting. He was in the movie “Lean On Me” with Morgan Freeman. Personally, I think that was a pivot role for Jermaine.

With that said, Jermaine spoke with hosts of O’God and Sam Ant of Hip Hop Uncensored. During the interview Jermaine recounted his time with Tupac. There were aspects of his relationship with the late Tupac Shakur that was not public knowledge. As the interview unfolded, Jermaine spoke candidly about life on the set of the movie “Juice”.

Also, Jermaine divulged that Tupac was almost fired from the set. When Jermaine was speaking about Tupac it was clear he missed his friend. In addition, Jermaine let us know that Tupac was a very intelligent man. Furthermore, Jermaine mentioned he regrets the fact he did not know the debt of Tupac’s knowledge of our history.

Instead, Jermaine was more into having fun and pulling pranks on Tupac. I thought that the interview was very interesting.

And, I might add that Tupac was a very complex individual. Overall, what Jermaine said about his time with Tupac was very insightful. Lastly, in another interview, Jermaine talked about Tupac being shot at while on set, as reported by Capitalxtra.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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