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JAY-Z’s Alleged Secret Son Accuses Him Of Dodging DNA Test!



The Uncensored Truth podcast discussion between host (O’God) and co- host (Sam Ant) was very shocking, to say the least.  Does Jay-Z have another son?

The story has resurfaced on Jay-Z having a love child with a girl ( Wanda) he knew back in the day.  New reports are suggesting that Jay is in fact the biological father.

Sam Ant points out, 24-year old Rymir Satterthwaite has been attempting to learn the truth ever since his mother told him that Jay was his father. Rymir’s mother Wanda claims that she and Jay slept together in 1992 at his aunt’s apartment in Brooklyn. She says that they used protection, but it failed, and she had no way of contacting Jay after he began gaining success in the hip-hop world. Wanda’s boyfriend at the time, Robert Graves, was originally listed on the birth certificate but he was removed in 2011 after a DNA test proved he was not the father.

Does Rymir have a case against Jay-Z?

O’God was skeptical about these new allegations. Jay may not feel the need to prove either way if he is the father or not. O’God stated that maybe Jay is unavailable but does it mean that he is dodging the issue for paternity test. O’God and Sam Ant took another look at the photos of Jay and Rymir. Both agreed that it is hard to say if there is any resemblance between Jay and Rymir.

Sam Ant was equally adamant about Jay dodging the issues. Sam Ant believed that this information could harm his brand. On the other hand, O’God felt differently about the entire situation. O’God thinks that Jay will pay Rymir off so the situation can go away.

Lillie, Wanda’s god mother is sure Rymir belongs to  Jay-Z

There are major developments in this story that has resurfaced once again. Wanda became ill and her god mother, Lillie took over the care of Rymir. Wanda’s godmother Lillie claims that Wanda was only 16 when she slept with Jay. Lillie believes there is no doubt that Rymir is Jay’s biological son.

Rymir Tells it All

Rymir sat down with Radar Online to tell what he knew about Jay Z allegedly being his biological father. Rymir is an up and coming rapper.  During the interview,Rymir was quick to point out he want nothing more than to know if Jay is his biological father. At the end of the day, I make my own money, Rymir said.

Rymir tells the radar online reported that correspondence between Jay’s lawyers and his mother lawyer was good in the beginning. However, Jay’s other legal representatives decide to halt any more talks with Wanda and her legal team.Breaks in communication may be due to the fact Wanda was underage at the time she conceived Rymir. This would have a negative impact on Jay’s career if the truth came out that he fathered a son with an underage girl.

Certainly, being the son of a famous rapper and businessman like Jay-Z would help Rymir’s career. It remains to be seen if this story will go away.

We at Hip Hop Uncensored want to know the truth. Don’t you????

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