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Jay-Z Sues Debut Album Photographer!!!



jay z debut album photoshoot

Jay-Z is fighting mad, and taking his case to court. The “99 Problems” rapper sues the photographer that shot his debut album cover for “Reasonable Doubt“.

Jay-Z Sues Jonathan Mannion For Using His Name And Likeness Without His Consent

Back in the day, when a young unknown black rapper by the name of Shawn Carter was just starting out, he hired a photographer to shoot his debut album cover.

Jonathan Mannion was the photographer and he took hundreds of photos of the wanna-be rapper. Fast forward to today, and that young boy is billionaire Jay-Z with multiple successful businesses.

Problem is, Mannion is using those same pictures to propel him all the way to the bank over and over again. Without the consent of Jay, Mannion uses images of the media mogul on his website and sells photos of Hova for thousands. That’s a no-no.

To add insult, when asked to stop his shenanigans, Mannion allegedly had the nerve to demand tens of millions to do so. Well, the show may be over, ’cause the billionaire is now suing.

In a statement, Jay-Z says –

“ironic that a photographer would treat the image of a formerly unknown Black teenager, now wildly successful, as a piece of property to be squeezed for every dollar it can produce. It stops today.”

jay-z album cover

As outlined in an article by TMZ, it may not be a good idea to keep doing something you know is illegal after being asked to stop. We’ll see how this one plays out. Though he was reportedly paid handsomely for the pictures, I guess it wasn’t enough. Hope it was all worth it. More on this story, stay tuned.

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