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Jay Z Speaks About Ripping LL Cool J



The beef between rap mega star, Jay Z and, Hip Hop legend LL Cool J goes back to their days at Def Jam Records. Jay Z was hired as CEO. When Jay Z signed with Def Jam, LL Cool J was still a featured artist at the label. In fact, LL Cool J was one of the first rap artist signed to the,Def Jam.  Def Jam Records was started with  Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin as the labels CEO’s.

LL Cool J put the Def Jam record label on the map with his song, ” I Need A Beat”, in 1985. That single gave Def Jam record label great success. LL Cool J remained with the label for more than two decades. So when Jay Z took over as CEO, LL Cool J thought surely his success would continue. However, he became disappointed when Jay Z did not deliver.

LL Cool J album Did Not Meet Jay Z’s Expectations

Jay Z talks about how the LL Cool J project did not go as planned. Jay Z promoted two videos with LL Cool J featuring J Lo but album did not do what he expected it to do. This was the major reason the two Hip Hop legends no longer speak. What a shame!! Two talented geniuses could not make great music together.

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