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Jay Z & Mariah Carey Snafu!!!



Jay Z & Mariah Carey Snafu. It looks like Mariah has left Roc Nation. I wonder if we will ever know what really happened.

Did meeting with Mariah and Jay end badly

Jay Z & Mariah Carey Snafu. It appears the two music moguls have parted ways. Or at least that is what reports from Ebony are suggesting.

There was a meeting between Jay and Mariah about her new music. However, something went left. As a result, Mariah is no longer with Roc Nation.

Mariah started working with Roc Nation back in 2017. These iconic music artists have worked together very successfully. But what would make them part ways?

Could it be because of musical differences? Or was it because Mariah has allegedly been known to be difficult to work with.

Will their business relationship woes kill their personal relationship? What we were able to gather is Mariah left the meeting rather abruptly.

Let’s not forget, Mariah allegedly has a reputation as being a bit of a Diva. Of course, we can only speculate whether the two argued over her new music.

With that said, Mariah has already been removed from Roc Nations list of acts. In addition, some sources say Mariah has already signed with Range.

Be that as it may, we have not heard the last of Mariah’s music.  She is scheduled to release a R&B album in the near future.

Neither Jay or Mariah have made any public statements. We will have to wait and see how all this pans out.

mariah vs jayz

Check out the video above for more details.

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