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Jay Z & Beyonce Sit During NFL National Anthem!!!!



Jay Z & Beyonce Sit During NFL National Anthem

Jay Z & Beyonce Sit During NFL National Anthem. Some people are saying the Jay was silently protesting in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick?

Was Jay Z & Beyonce wrong  for not standing?

Jay Z & Beyonce sit during NFL national anthem. There is some backlash because JayZ and Beyonce decided to sit during Demi Lovato’s rendition of the national anthem, as reported by Mercury News. And, of course people are now debating as to whether Jay and Bey should have sat instead of stand up. Some people thought that sitting instead of standing was very disrespectful. However, there are some who think Jay was silently protesting along with Colin Kaepernick.

However, Colin would beg to differ. Especially, since he put a emoji on TMZ’s photo. Colin ask the question, “I thought we were past kneeling, tho?” Now, it seems to me that Colin was not in favor of what Jay and Bey did? However, we don’t know what sort of statement Jay was trying to make. Neither Jay or Bey have said anything about it. I can only assume as most people are doing that Jay was making a silent statement in protest. But that remains to be seen.

Be that as it may, it sounds like Colin has beef with Jay regardless. Where is this going to end? If fighting police brutality and racism is going to lead to division among those like Jay and Colin? What does it say about unity? I can’t help but wonder how can Jay and Colin make a difference in the fight against the two evils (racism and police brutality) if they are in opposition with each other. Can Jay or Colin fight separately for the same cause? Does that make sense? I’m just saying???

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