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Ja Rule Wants To Battle 50 Cent!!!



Ja Rule Wants To Battle 50 Cent

Ja Rule Wants To Battle 50 Cent. These two New York rappers started more than a decade ago. I don’t think Ja really wants that kind of smoke from Fifty.

Will  50 Cent and Ja Rule ever end?

Ja Rule wants to battle 50 Cent. On last Saturday Fat Joe and Swizz Beats were live on IG. Ja Rule was on a speaker phone discussing his love for hip hop. Of course, Ja could not help but mention his rival 50 Cent. Ja still wants to compare his lyrical ability to 50 Cent. So, he put it out there. And, Swizz co-signed it, as reported by XXL Mag.

Apparently, Ja and 50 Cents beef goes all the way back to the 90’s. Allegedly, Ja accused Fifty of conspiring with the man who robbed him at gunpoint stealing his gold chain. The man was seen with Fifty in a club weeks after Ja was robbed. Although, this happened in 1999 obviously Ja blamed Fifty for it. Fifty fired back with the release of a song”Life’s on the Line” as a diss track.

Throughout the years Fifty and Ja have fired insults back and forth. Fast forward, now, Ja wants to battle Fifty live on Instagram. Here is my issue, why can’t Ja talk about helping our community during this pandemic? Don’t get it twisted, I’m a hip hop head, so I am curious to see the battle. But personally, I don’t think Ja can battle Fifty and win. Do you all think Ja can beat Fifty lyrically or not?

ja rule vs 50 cent

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