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J Prince’s Nephew Was Gunned Down!!!



J Prince's Nephew Was Gunned Down.

J Prince’s Nephew Was Gunned Down. This is a very tragic situation. Now his family is in mourning.

J Prince seeks justice for his nephew

J Prince’s nephew was gunned down. Over the Memorial day weekend tragedy struck J Prince family. His nephew was shot and killed while in a garage.

Although, the details of the shooting sketchy. We know a young life is gone. After the shooting J Prince took to social media, as reported by Complex. His message has gone viral.

The heart wrenching message was against “young punks.” In addition, he issued a challenge to brothers in the hood. Personally, I agree.

We have loss so many young black brothers to senseless violence.

And, we all have a responsibility to meet the challenges we face head on. However, I don’t believe in vigilante justice. But something had got to be done.

Hopefully, J Prince can motivate people to get involved.  This is not the first time J Prince was able to get results with his message.

In fact, J Prince was instrumental in getting rapper YBN stolen jewelry returned. More than likely, social media will buzz for a minute.

But will J Prince be able to organize people in Houston to make change? If so, what kind of programs can he implement? At the very least, J Prince does have people talking.

Especially, since some people think he intends to take justice into his own hands. Although, that is not the message J Prince wants to put out there.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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