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Is There A Beef Between Migos And Lil Baby?!?!



Is There A Beef Between Migos And Lil Baby?  Could it be ego issues between the label mates? Who really has the game on lock The Migos or Lil Baby?

Can These Record Label Mates Be Friends?

Rumors have been swirling for some time now. It appears that The Migos and Lil Baby have a serious rival going. But when did these famous rappers start having issues?

Some would say it started back in 2020. Evidently, it all started when Lil Baby’s crew was accused of jumping fellow artist Offset, as reported by Complex.

There was some sort of alleged altercation between Lil Baby and Offset. What we heard, was Lil Baby’s crew stripped Offset down to his undies.

Of course, there is no real evidence that anything happened between Offset and Lil Baby. Although, after the rumors surface Offset unfollowed Lil Baby on Instagram.

Lil Baby tried to put the rumors to rest. He posted a caption on his Instagram”That’s cappppp00.” Also, Lil Baby urged his fans to stop looking at sites that are spreading”Fake news.”

In an interview with it did seem like The Migos has beef with Lil Baby. Not long ago, The Migos did an interview with Hot 97 host Rosenburg.

And, during the interview, they were all asked a question about Lil Baby. Here is what Rosenburged asked them,” last week Lil Baby dropped a awesome topical record, are you impressed that he is doing his thing, he has become the guy.” Quavo said, forsure.”

Surprisingly, he was the only of the three to respond. Obviously, either they did not want to answer the question. Or they have really do have an issue with Lil Baby.

Again, this is just speculation on my part. Anyone who has eyes could see something is going on between them and Lil Baby.

Keep in mind, it is normal for groups to have some sort of competitiveness. In my opinion, the rumors about their ongoing beef could be true. What are your thoughts?

Is There A Beef Between Migos And Lil Baby

Check out the video above for more details.

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