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Is Soulja Boy Spiraling Out Of Control?!?!?



Is Soulja boy Spiraling Out Of Control

Atari denies that Soulja Boy owns the company. So, what is Soulja Boy talking about? Some are beginning to wonder if Soulja had a mental break.

Did Soulja Boy Have A Contract With Atari Or Not?

Things have gotten really mess with Soulja Boy. Just a week or so ago Soulja got into a shouting match with a man on social media. Apparently, the man saw Soulja Boy at a mall purchasing jewelry. The man allegedly said Soulja Boy was buying fake jewelry. Soulja Boy addressed the allegations with the man live. The man who identifies as @wolrdtourwoo shared a video on his page claiming Soulja Boy and his crew bought jewelry that was fake in the mall, as reported by XXL Mag.  The store Jewelry Unlimited sits inside an Atlanta mall. The celebrity jeweler Wafi sells jewelry in the store.


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This is the alleged video that @worldtourwoo took of Soulja Boy shopping with his crew. Of course, we don’t know if Soulja Boy actually purchased something or not? But @worldtourwoo took some shots at Soulja with these words,

“Soulja you dead wrong…First Rapper To Get Caught Buyin Jewelry In The Middle Of The Mall.”

Needless to say, Soulja Boy answered and fired back with this,

“Broke-ass nigga. Walk in that same jewelry store that you just left in the mall and try to buy the Cartier, nigga,” Soulja Boy yelled in the clip. “That muthafucka $35,000. The Rollie $30,000. Everything over there real. They sell real ice in the mall, clout-chasin’ ass, pussy ass.”

In addition, Soulja Boy and @worldtourwoo went back and forth live on YouTube, Check out the highlights,

Clearly, each man was not going to back down. However, the conversation did come to an end. Which brings me back to my original thought, why is Soulja Boy arguing with this man? He should not have to prove anything to a stranger. In another incident, Soulja Boy was performing at Daylight Beach Club in Las Vegas while he was performing on stage, as reported by Complex. There were so many of his crew members on stage and in the audience.

Unfortunately, Soulja Boy mistook one of his crew members for a threatening fan. Soulja Boy was getting ready to fight with him. It wasn’t until one of his unidentified crew members pulled him aside and whispered to him. I am not sure what the guy said but Soulja calmed down. Soulja continued to perform. But doesn’t it seem like there is a pattern forming with Soulja’s alleged odd behavior?



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How did Soulja Boy not recognize his own crew member? Was there too much commotion on the stage? I digress. In the latest saga, Soulja Boy allegedly claims he owns Atari. This all unfolded on August 20th. Here is the YouTube video of Soulja Boy giving us the scoop on his alleged deal with Atari.

Soulja later explained that after they liked his Soulja Boy Game console, they gave him the reigns and he planned on selling the company. “They was real proud of me and what I did with the Soulja Boy Game console, you know what I’m saying. I blew Soulja Boy Game up. We about to sell the company for, like, what was it, 100, I think I’m gonna get $140 million.”

However, after Soulja Boys announcement Atari released this statement to the media,


Why did Atari put this on Twitter, when  I tell you Soulja Boy went off, check out what Soulja said next,

“First of all, nigga,” Soulja exclaimed. “Fuck Atari, nigga. Second of all, nigga. I been making millions from my @souljaboygame console. Atari, y’all pussy ass called me and said y’all wanted me to revamp y’all company. Bitch ass nigga, y’all know what the fuck I meant when I said I’m owning Atari. Atari is a public traded company. Can’t no one man own the shit. So first of all, nigga, Atari can eat a muthafuckin’ dick, nigga. Don’t call my phone no mo’ asking me to help y’all promote shit. Dead ass video game company. Wasn’t nobody talking about no muthafuckin’ Atari before yesterday. So Atari, suck a dick. Everybody at Atari, eat a dick. And I still got the money, nigga, fuck y’all talking ’bout.”

Soulja Boy. went as far as showing the contract he had with Atari. And, you have to wonder if Soulja Boy does have a legitimate claim. Although it may sound a little odd, Soulja Boy does believe he was offered something from Atari. Hopefully, Soulja Boy is not having an emotional breakdown. Stay Tuned!!!

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Check out the video above for more details.

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