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Is Nick Cannon Replacing Wendy Williams?!?!?



Nick Cannon is in the running to host in Wendy William’s time slot. Due to Wendy’s ongoing health issues, a backup plan may be warranted.

Nick Cannon May Be Asking The Question…”How You Doin’?”

Nick Cannon may be hosting in The Wendy Williams Show time slot.

As you know, the talk show diva has been out for health concerns recently.

Not only did she have COVID, but she is also suffering from other medical issues.

Her show new season opener has been delayed more than once for that reason.

As communicated to Page Six, a Wendy Show source made this statement –

“The exectives have been talking. They are keeping a close eye on [Williams’] recovery and hoping for the best. But they have pushed back [her] show premiere several times, so they are already thinking of a backup plan.”

That’s where Nick Cannon comes into the picture.

It’s not like he doesn’t know the ropes.

He’s been on the show multiple times, as a guest, and as a hot topic. He even guest-hosted already.

Is he being considered for this gig?

Nick Cannon is actually hosting his own talk show, and several others I might add, making his popularity a huge plus.

Adding to their statement, the source says of Nick hosting in place of Williams –

“It would not be a far stretc for Nick to take her time slot…Debmar-Mercury [which produces both shows] is really pushing to make Nick Cannon’s show a huge success…”

“…he already has a major platform, and a huge fanbase, so it is an easy win. So, if Wendy’s show ends up being a no-go, their backup plan is already set.”

As for Wendy’s camp, the Oct. 4th premiere show never happened. so they are now shooting for an Oct. 18th premiere.

But just who will be asking the question…”How you doin’?”

Stay tuned to see if Nick Cannon will be the one hosting on the purple couch!

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