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Is Dr Dre’s Family Saying He Was Poisoned???



Is  Dr Dre's Family Saying He Was Poisoned

Is  Dr Dre’s Family Saying He Was Poisoned? We all have heard by now that Andre Young aka Dr. Dre suffered an aneurysm.

Is it possible there was foul play with Dre?

Is Dr Dre’s family saying he was poisoned? The legendary member of N.W.A rap pioneer group was hospitalized more than a week ago. I was really surprised about Dre being that sick. Especially, since it appeared Dre was in great health, according to his family.

Therefore, what really happened to Dre. Apparently, someone in Dre’s family is saying he may have been poisoned. However, is it possible that the aneurysm Dre suffered was from the stress of his upcoming divorce. Here is the kicker, Dre’s family member believes he was given an anti-coagulant (rat poison).

In case you don’t know if someone ingests rat poison they can suffer symptoms similar to an aneurysm, as reported by The US Sun. With that said, family members of Dre want a investigation. So far, there have not been any reports from Dre or representative.

Unfortunately, going through a messy divorce can bring out the worst in people. Of course, I am not saying that his wife Nicole is involved in any way. But some would say that there is no furry like a woman scorned. What are your thoughts about this? Could someone have poisoned Dre?

Be that as it may, I certainly hope Dre does make a full recovery. A lot of people who suffer brain aneurysms never fully recover.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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