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Is Charlamagne Quitting The Breakfast Club Or Not?



Is Charlamagne Quitting The Breakfast Club Or Not

Is Charlamagne  Quitting The Breakfast Club Or Not? Charlamagne is one of most controversial radio hosts. Will Charlamagne leave TBC to pursue other offers?

Charlamagne dodges questions about leaving TBC

Is Charlamagne quitting The Breakfast Club or not? What is really going on with Charlamagne these days? In recent news, we all heard that Charlamagne’s contract is up in December 2020 with the popular radio show. However, are the rumors true or not? If you ask me, sounds like Charlamagne might seeking publicity. Some times during negotiations of contracts a lot is said behind close doors. It appears that Charlamagne may be asking for more money.

During his recent broadcast with Joe Budden mentioned that Charlamagne might be leaving The Breakfast Club.  Apparently, Joe thought since Charlamagne mentioned his contract would soon be ending he might leave. But, it sounds like Charlamagne is disputing what Joe said, as reported by Cheatsheet.

Also, Joe talked about there may be tension between the hosts of TBC , Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Ye. Keep in mind, this is just hearsay. Although, Charlamagne was not clear in answering questions on his show Brilliant Idiots. Be that as it may, I am sure Charlamagne will do what he thinks is best for him. I do wonder if TBC will be the same if Charlamagne does decide to leave. Do you think TBC will be the same without Charlamagne or not?


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