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Is Charlamagne Leaving Breakfast Club?!?!



Is Charlamagne Leaving Breakfast Club

Is Charlamagne Leaving Breakfast Club? We have heard throughout this year Charlamagne might exit. Charlamagne has become quite famous.

Will there be success for Charlamagne?

Is Charlamagne leaving Breakfast Club? The rumors are resurfacing. The contract for the controversial host is up this month. With that said, will Charlamagne exit his long time gig?

Of course, Charlemagne’s fans are patiently waiting. Will he go or will he stay? Earlier this year we reported Charlamagne was contemplating leaving, as reported by Black Enterprise. However, nothing came of it.

It was Charlamagne himself that said he had already” mentally quit.” There is no secret that Charlamagne has become a very notable name podcast hosting. Whether or not his celebrity will bring other job opportunities remains to be seen.

Although, some of the rumors talk about Charlamagne possibly hosting his own show without Angela Ye and DJ Envy. Be that as it may, Charlamagne could be in demand. Who doesn’t like a feisty host.

Not to mention, all of the controversial situations Charlamagne has found himself in. For one thing, Charlamagne was very vocal when Nick Cannon was blasted for his alleged anti-Semitic comments.

The popular host came to Nick’s rescue without hesitation. Then there was the issue with Angela Rye. Once again, Charlamagne did not hold back his comments. Overall, Charlamagne will land on his feet no matter what his decision.


Check out the video above for more details.

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