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Investigation In LA On T.I. & Tiny!!!



Investigation In LA On T.I. & Tiny. Just when we thought it was over. We find out that T.I. and Tiny are facing more sexual assault charges.

Will these new charges end T.I. & Tiny’s careers?

Investigation in LA on T.I. & Tiny. Unfortunately, news other women in Los Angeles and Las Vegas have come forth. Allegedly, the two women are saying they were drugged.

Also, the women are claiming that in 2005 Tiny and T.I. drugged and sexually assaulted them. Keep in mind, both T.I. and Tiny are claiming their innocence, as reported by the LA Times.

However, it does not stop the allegations from coming out against them. I can’t help but wonder if this is a witch hunt of sorts.

Especially, since a lot of the allegations were not recent. In fact, the defamation lawsuit from Sabrina Peterson is when this all started.

With that said, at least 30 women claim they were allegedly drugged and sexually assault by the couple. Wouldn’t it be a shame if all of these allegations against T.I. and Tiny are false?

On the other hand, if what the women are saying is true, T.I. and Tiny could lose almost everything.

There is a pattern reoccurring in the cases against the couple

In my opinion, it seems that a lot of the women give similar accounts. The incidents start with a drink, some sort of sexual encounter.

Most importantly, the women claim they don’t have memory of the alleged sexual acts. In addition, some of the women admitted they did not consent to having sex with the couple.

This really bizarre, to say the least. Hopefully, T.I. and Tiny did not commit any of what they are being accused of.


Check out the video above for more details.

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