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Interview With Chris Gotti Was Lit!!!!



Interview With Chris Gotti Was Lit

Interview With Chris Gotti Was Lit. In other words, Irv’s brother spoke facts from his perspective.

Chris tells what really happened with Irv & Ashanti

Interview with Chris Gotti was lit. This is the first time I heard an interview with Chris. The hosts of Hip Hop News Uncensored spoke with Chris on the podcast.

I did not know back then that Irv was going out with Ashanti. In fact, the only relationship I knew Ashanti has was with rapper Nelly.

However, it is clear that Ashanti and Irv were together. And, according to Chris, Irv and Ashanti had a “volatile relationship.” Chris then went on to explain what he meant.

In other words, the relationship between Irv and Ashanti did not end well. Just like other former boyfriends and girlfriends. Who do you know would speak highly of an “ex?”

Most times when intimate relationships end it is not on a good note. For this reason, neither speaks highly of each other. Unless, the break – up was mutual.

With that said, Chris let us know that although, Irv and Ashanti had a bad break – up the are good now. In addition, Chris talked about the record label “Murder Inc.”.

Even though, Chris did not go into details about the federal case I am sure it was a factor in Ashanti and Irv’s break – up. In case you all forgot. Back in 2005 both brothers were facing prison time.

The multi- million label was allegedly accused of laundering money for Kenneth “Supreme” Griff, as reported by The Source.

Also, Chris kept it real about how Irv was instrumentally in launching Ashanti’s music career. Overall, this was another great interview by hosts O’God and SamAnt.

chris irv n ashanti

Check out the video above for more details.

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