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Iconic Philly Radio DJ Ms. Patty Jackson Interview Was Great!!!



When I say that Ms. Patty Jackson is a legend in Philly, believe it. Patty has been on the radio for over 30 +years. Patty is the radio host of the mid-day program at WDAS FM. WDAS 105.3 is the premiere radio station in Philadelphia for R&B music.

Patty Is The Greatest Female Voice in Radio

Throughout the years as a radio host, Patty has evolved. When she first came to the radio Patty was only 18- years old. Patty has worked at WSSJ & WXTU in Camden, NJ. Patty then went on to work at WUSL. She landed at WDAS. In addition, Patty hosts the mid-day program “Cafe 105, where she gives the 4-1-1 on all things celebrity and current news. Also, Patty is the host of the late Joe”Butterball” Tamburro’s show (The Wide Wonderful World of Butter), on Sunday nights. and, on Sunday mornings Patty hosts Rewind magazine. Patty additionally, hosts “Patty and The Millenials on Podcast. Patty’s shows can be heard all over the US on IHeart Radio.

Patty has a beautiful warm personality that comes across during her radio program. And, every since Patty has started her mid-day Cafe we get to see her up close and personal. Patty has interviewed celebrities, politicians, social activists,s and other dignitaries. Patty is very involved with community events, church activities, and civic endeavors, as reported by The Broadcast Pioneers. More importantly, Patty has been inducted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame. Some of the organizations Patty supports are American Diabetes Association and the United Negro College Fund.

Here is a clip from Patty’s mid-day Cafe

This week Patty was interviewed by hosts O’God and SamAnt. Patty’s warmth and personality stood out. Here is a little inside scoop, Patty has a celebrity crush on El Debarge. And, he is well aware of it. Because Patty talks about El Debarge during her radio show. Who can blame her? Not only is El Debarge a phenomenal singer, but he is also easy on the eyes. I digress.

During her interview with hip-hop, uncensored Patty talked a little about the time Wendy did not want to interview with her. It was during the time Wendy and her former husband Kevin were in the midst of a bitter divorce. Not doubt Wendy was embarrassed because Kevin was seen all over the place with his mistress and their baby. Sadly, Wendy’s 18-year marriage came to an abrupt end. However, the scandal was all over social media. At first, Wendy tried to dodge questions about Kevin’s affair. Eventually, Wendy began to answer questions truthfully about it.

What stood out for me, Patty was very candid about her medical emergency. Patty suffered a stroke 6 -years- ago. I remember her absence from her radio show. Of course, I wondered what happened, since I am a huge fan and listener of her show. Come to find out, Patty had suffered a stroke. Patty spent months in a Rehabilitation Center for stroke victims.  Her fans watched Patty bravely work her way back to good health.

When she returned to the show Patty talked about her near brush with death. Lastly, Patty hosts another show on the internet (MyNewPhilly’s desserts). As you can see, Patty continues to evolve by staying current. She has an Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel. Not bad for a baby boomer like myself.  Patty is hands down one of the greatest women in radio. One more thing, whenever singer Tank is in town, Patty makes him her famous peach cobbler.

patty jackson

Check out the video above for more details.

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