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Ice Cube Demands Warner Relinquish Rights To Friday Franchise!!!



Ice Cube Demands Warner Relinquish Rights To Friday Franchise. The highly successful movie franchise in which O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson starred in may end.

Will Warner Bros. give in to Ice Cube’s request?

A letter from Ice Cube’s attorney has been released. The legendary hip-hop rapper, actor, producer wages war against Warner Bros.

He is accusing the movie studio of excessive in its feedback notes of his scripts, as reported by Roll Out. And, Ice Cube is not having it. In fact, Ice Cube wants all rights to the “Friday’s” franchise.

In addition, Ice Cube wants the rights to “All About The Benjamins” and “Players Club.” Warner agreed to develop “Last Friday” in 2012. And, Ice Cube was due to make $11m.

However, the movie never materialized. Of course, Warner Bros. is claiming it was Ice Cube was the reason the movie was delayed. So, the battle continues.

What will happen, now? Especially, since neither party seems to be budging. Not to mention, Ice Cube has hired an attorney. Do you think Warner Bros. will relinquish their rights or not?

This is very disappointing to Friday fans. Every installment of “Friday’s was great.

Equally important, the roles of Craig’s father Willie Jones (John Witherspoon) and Deebo (Tiny Lister), may not be reprised. Unfortunately, we lost both actors last year.

Ice Cube Demands Warner Relinquish Rights To Friday Franchise.

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Here is a run-down of box office receipts for “Friday’s”

The first installment of “Friday’s” grossed $27.4 m at the box office. Then the second installment “Next Friday” made $59.8m. The third installment “Friday After Next” made $33.5m.

Clearly, the cult classic stands to make a fortune. But will we get to see “Last Friday” or not? At any rate, Ice Cube is scheduled to star in “Oh Hell No”.

This new venture for Ice Cube will be directed by Kital Sakuri. One thing is for sure, folks will go to see the last installment of “Friday’s”, believe that.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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