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How is Wendy Williams Doin’ ?



From talk radio to television the woman who has the whole world asking “How you doin’ ?” has become a pop-cultural icon of sorts. The aunt who asks too many questions and is not afraid of getting in your business can’t seem to catch a break lately.

Wendy is Suffering from Covid and Mental Health Issues

Wendy Williams Hunter has been having a number of personal problems in her life that are making us ask “How you doin’?” in a much more serious manner.

The day before it was revealed that the new season of Wendy Williams’ show will be delayed due to COVID problems, she was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, according to TMZ.

The Host of ‘Hot Topics’ is Currently in a New York Hospital

An NY hospital admitted the talk show host to a psychiatric evaluation Tuesday, according to a source close to Wendy. Wendy has struggled with mental health issues for some time, so this was not a surprise.

Asymptomatic: Wendy Williams

Moreover, Wendy has COVID, but she has no symptoms, and her doctors are keeping an eye on her.

She’s still in a psychiatric hospital, but we hear that her mental health is improving daily. It is also reported, however, that she is still free from symptoms of COVID.

The 13th Season of The Wendy Williams Show has Been Postponed

Wendy’s 13th season was originally set to premiere Sept. 20 but has been moved to Oct. 4.

She is being evaluated for “ongoing health issues,” so she will not be able to attend promotional activities. Is the Wendy Williams show considering going forward without Wendy Williams?

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