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The 360 Record Deal and How To Avoid Becoming a Slave



How Hip Hop Artist Can Avoid The 360 Slave Record Deal

The 360 record deal is dangerous. New artist beware!!! How to avoid the 360 enslavement record deal. Brother Khonsu agrees with Dame Dash saying that new artist should not sign deals with record labels. Instead they should remain independent. They should build their own wealth.

The 360 deal only makes the record label rich

Once again, brother Khonsu gives his expert opinion on why this slave deal is criminal in nature. The new artist signs this 360 deal and gives up almost all of their rights to distribution, autonomy,musical performances,licensing,merchandising,publishing etc. Unfortunately, this practice of signing 360 deals are primarily reserved for the hip hop artist.

Rock music and other music genres are not affected by the 360 record deal

No other genre of music has to deal with a lot of unfair practices as do hip hop. Dame Dash has gotten a lot of unfair backlash because of his stand against the record labels. Especially, as it relates to Lyor Cohen and others outside of the Black community who exploit the talents of hip hop artist. It is clear why Dame coined the phrase  “Culture Vulture” which is exactly what happens when young impressionable hip hop artist sign the 360 slave deal.

brother khonsu amun

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