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Horror Film ‘Candyman’ Makes History!!!!



Candyman 2021 has hit the theatres. With outperforming numbers on its opening week, it held down the #1 spot.

With Candyman, Nia Dacosta Makes History

Candyman is #1 at the box office. And yeah, it’s kinda a big deal.

Announced by Universal Pictures, 31-year old Director Nia DaCosta became the first Black female director to have a film debut at #1 at the US Box office.

nia dacosta candyman director

It’s also the 2nd highest grossing 3-day opening for a Black female director. Behind only Ava DuVernay’s “A Wrinkle In Time”.

Candyman originally came out in 1992. This version is a sequel (4th in the series) and it garnered an above expectation of $22.3 million in it’s opening weekend.

Nia Dacosta has plenty to be proud of. Not only did she direct, but she also co-wrote the movie, along with Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld.

So What Is This Sequel All About?

Candyman is a slasher/horror film with all-Black leads.  Additionally, it addresses racism, as it’s the story of a Black man who was killed for falling in love with a white woman.
Click on the photo below to see the trailer.
As the story goes, the killer got his name when accused of putting razor blades in candy and giving the candy to children.
Legend has it, that if you repeat his name 5 times while facing a mirror, you will summon the ‘Candyman’…and he will kill you!
Are you scared yet?


  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Anthony McCoy (Candyman)
  • Teyonnah Parris as Anthony’s girlfriend, Brianna Cartwright
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Brianna’s brother, Troy Cartwright
  • Colman Domingo as William Burke
Reprising their roles from the original film are –
  • Vanessa Williams as Anne-Marie McCoy
  • Tony Todd
  • Virginia Madsen as the voice of Helen Lyle
Critics praise DaCosta’s direction in the film and gave the overall project positive reviews.
Originally slated for a 2020 release, it was delayed several times, due to COVID concerns.
It was finally released in the US by Universal Pictures on August 27th. See where it’s playing near you.

So what’s next for Nia DaCosta?

Following up 2019’s “Captain Marvel” for Marvel Studios, Nia is set to direct “The Marvels”. With that accomplishment, she will become the youngest filmmaker to direct a Marvel film.
Go, Nia!
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