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Godfrey Blows The Lid Off Bill Cosby’s Controversy!!!



Godfrey Blows The Lid Off Bill Cosby’s Controversy. What Godfrey is saying really makes you think.

Is there some truth to Bill drugging women?

Is this the house of cards that fell down on Bill? Did Bill drug and sexually assault the women? Does that having any bearing on his sentence being overturned?

Is there some truth to allegations the over 60 women have accused Bill of or not? Will we ever know the real truth?  Of course, there are opposing views, as it relates to Bill’s story.

So, let’s take a look at what comedian Godfrey shared with hosts O’God and SamAnt. Like most of us, Godfrey has his suspicions about Bill’s case. And, rightfully so.

Not only…but also, the allegations against Bill were very compelling. Especially, since Bill admitted in the civil case he gave Quaaludes to women.

However, does it make Bill guilty of sexually assaulting women or not? According to Godfrey, he has heard accounts of women who Bill was not able to drug.

Godfrey gives a very convincing argument. In fact, Godfrey admits it is common practice for some entertainers to use drugs.

In particular, some women who want to make it in  Hollywood will do drugs. Of course, we have all heard the stories of recreational drug use in Hollywood.

Does that negate Bill’s odd behavior with women? As Godfrey mentioned, there must be some truth to some of the allegations. Is it possible that all of the women lied?

Was Bill that precocious? Were the women looking for some sort of payday? was it a plot to destroy Bill’s reputation? From the start, Bill has said he is innocent.

Is it possible that Bill could do something so horrific to women? More importantly, historically women have had their rights violated in this manner, as reported by NBC News..

I can’t deny it, sounds like something went on between Bill and his accusers. Otherwise, we would not be having this conversation.

Did Bill have consensual sex or not with his accusers?  Unfortunately, this would not be the first time women have been vilified in a criminal case.

On the other hand, Bill served 3- years of his 10-year sentence. Will that be enough? If not, will Bill’s accusers file civil lawsuits against him?

Can he resume some sense of normalcy? In my opinion, it is very difficult to side with Bill or against him. There are too many variables. SMH!!!

Godfrey Blows The Lid Off Bill Cosby's Controversy

Check out the video above for more details.

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