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Gervonta Davis Survives Plane Crash!!!



Gervonta Davis Survives Plane Crash

On Saturday, August 22, 2021, Three-division boxing champ Gervonta Davis was in a plane accident. Fortunately, Gervonta was not hurt. In fact, Gervonta’s private jet had not taken off when the crash occurred.

No More Private Plane Trips For Gervonta

Gervonta had a bad scar. He admits he will not travel by private planes anymore. Instead, Gervonta admits he will drive or take a train. And, who can blame him? It is still unclear what happened to the plane. However, Gervonta believes it was divine intervention. Here is what Geronta shared,

“The plane crashed. The plane didn’t even take off,” Davis explained on IG Live. “It took off, but it didn’t take off. Oh my god. I’m good, it’s just that my ass is hot, I’m sitting on this hot-ass concrete.” “For everybody wanting to fly private, I think it’s over with. I’ll be driving or catching a train,” he added.”

Clearly, Gervonta wants no parts with flying, for now. Just a few months back Gervonta won a fight with Mario Barrios by knockout, as reported by Complex. That fight gave him the title WBA super lightweight title. And, that is quite impressive for the 26-year – old. However, we should not be surprised since Gervonta is the protege of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Enough Said.

Gervonta already has proven he is one of the best with a 25-0 body count. The fact, Gervonta ranks in 2 other weight classes is even more impressive. Gervonta started his professional boxing career in 2013 coached by Calvin Ford, a reported by Mayweather Promotions. Gervonta was Golden Glove Champion and finished his amateur career with a record of 206-15. The young boxing champ continues to prove a worthy opponent in the ring. Also, in 2015 Gervonta met Floyd during Adrien Broner’s training camp. Floyd was impressed with Gervonta and signed him to Mayweather Promotions. And the rest is history.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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