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Footage Of Cardi B Warning Her Haters Was She Talking About Nicki?



nicki n cardi b

Cardi B was on stage earlier this year letting her haters know she coming for them. Obviously, Cardi felt the need to address the negative comments made by people concerning her and her unborn child.

Why is Cardi a threat to Nicki and other female rappers?

What is it that causes some female rappers to feel threaten by Cardi’s success. Whatever happened to being happy for someone else success. Was Nicki Minaj the target of Cardi’s comments during her performance? There is nothing wrong with healthy competition but this is going to far. What does Cardi mean?

Is it possible that Cardi knew she would confront Nicki when she saw her in person? Could the altercation that occurred at New York Fashion Week premeditated? Here is some of what Cardi said on stage:

“Every since I got pregnant, all of a sudden I got this new beef. Everyday B–ch’s got something to say. Wait to I drop this baby, what’s good. B–ch’s is talking crazy, heyyy, wait till I drop this baby. What’s good.”

Clearly Cardi was throwing shade someone’s way. We can only take a wild guess, it may have been Nicki. What do you all think?



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