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Floyd Mayweather Breaks His Silence!!!!



Floyd Mayweather Breaks His Silence

Floyd Mayweather Breaks His Silence.The legendary boxer is mourning the death of his beloved uncle and children’s mother simultaneously, for lack of better words. Not to mention, that is daughter is in a lot of trouble.

Tragedy has hit Floyd Mayweather hard

Floyd Mayweather breaks his silence. Know one is exempt from losing people they love. Unfortunately, Floyd’s family has loss not one but two family members. The deaths of his uncle, Roger Mayweather and his children’s mother, Josie Harris was a lot to handle, as reported by TMZ. And, then Floyd’s daughter, Iyanna aka Ya Ya was arrested for assault.

With everything that Floyd is dealing with he still has vowed to help people suffering from Covid – 19. I know all to well how grief can overwhelm you. But in spite of what Floyd is facing just like a champion he puts his grief aside to bless others. Here is some of what Floyd spoke about on social media:

“As far as dealing with the loss of the mother of my children, she was a significant other. A great woman, a great person, “Floyd said. “And, on Roger…”Great trainer, my uncle, a father figure.”

With that said, Floyd did not talk about the his daughters current situation. Also, Floyd admitted that although he is dealing with a lot he feels a responsibility to help people less fortunate. In fact, Floyd mentioned, “I’m here to help this world become a better place,”Floyd said…”With everything going on I’m going to continue to do my part.”

Now , that says a lot about the boxing champion. Wouldn’t you say.

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