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Florida Says Get Vaccinated: Introducing FDA-Approved Vaccines



Florida Covid Cases On The Rise

On Monday, a group of Florida doctors gathered outside a medical office to urge people who are unvaccinated to get the coronavirus vaccine as a statewide surge in COVID-19 cases has been linked to the delta variant. The Palm Beach Post reported that more than 70 physicians attended the gathering at Jupiter Medical Center and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. They urged the residents of the community they serve to trust the doctors who have taken care of them for years.

Neurologist Jennifer Buczyner organizes other Physicians to encourage Vaccinations

“If you identify with one of these doctors up here, we’ve cared for your family and you’ve listened to us then, the time really is now [to get vaccinated],” the organizer of the event, Jennifer Buczyner, said.

Doctors Gather to Urge Florida Residents to Recieve Vaccinations

A variety of medical professionals attended the event, including neurologists, emergency room doctors, plastic surgeons, infectious disease experts, etc. Johns Hopkins University data shows COVID-19 cases in Florida have risen since July, with hospitalizations and cases peaking in August. Across Florida and other states, health care resources have been stretched as the delta variant has spread faster than previous COVID-19 strains.

Florida Delaying Elective Surgeries to Focus on Vaccinations

Despite having 53 percent of its population fully vaccinated against the virus, the state has begun to delay elective surgeries again due to the rise in cases straining resources. Florida sits along the line of what is referred to as the “beauty belt” where plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements are common practices people come from all over the country to have done in Florida.

Patients Report Regretting not Taking The Vaccine

Patients who have been treated by doctors have spoken out about the vaccine, regretting their decision not to get vaccinated due to their previous uncertainty regarding the vaccine. Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine was approved by the Federal Drug Administration hours before the gathering of doctors in Florida. If you live in the Florida area considering accepting the vaccine.

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