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Five Times Regina King Stole A Scene In A Movie!!!!



Five Times Regina King Stole A Scene In A Movie

When we look at Hollywood legends Regina’s name should be included. After you check out the scenes she stole, you might just agree. Regina has come a long way from her role in the 1987 hit sitcom “227”. Regina plays every character with ease. Can you think of any other actor with Regina’s wide range of acting abilities? How about I let you be the judge? Did Regina still these scenes in movies or not?

My Top Five Favorite Regina King Scenes

1- Stella Got Her Groove Back

In this scene, Stella comes back from her trip to Jamaica. Of course, both her sisters, (Angela and Vanessa). Here is the scene-stealing line from Vanessa, “And I wanna know, how low did you go!? Look at you, you’re glowing and 💩!” Vanessa was the youngest of the two sisters. It looks like Vanessa had no issue giving Stella her opinion. Clearly, Regina stole the entire scene.

regina king

Check out the movie clips on YouTube. 

2 – Jerry Maquire

Regina’s character (Marcee Tidwell) stole the scene when she looked into Cuba’s eyes (Rod Tidwell). It was the entire way Regina held Rod as she rebuked him. What a way to support your man.

regina jerry maquire

3 – Poetic Justice

Regina played the role of Justice’s friend. However, one of the most troubling but great scenes was with Chicago and Lesha. Once again, Regina stole the entire scene. She ripped him a new one. Although, it is not the greatest way to end a relationship. Using violence is horrible. But when Lesha cursed Chicago out. She left him wounded with this line, “yea that’s right, brush that weak ass fade”. Then she topped it off by insulting his manhood.

regina poetic justice

4- Enemy Of The State

In this role, Regina played the wife(Carla Dean) of attorney Robert Dean(Will Smith). One of my favorite scenes between Will and Regina was in the garage. Carla was wearing her Christmas gift from Robert. Again, Regina stole the scene with these words, “It looks better on me, don’t you think.” It was her look that stole the scene. As always, Regina knows how to work her role.

regina enemy of state

5. This Christmas

One of the funniest movie scenes with Regina is with Malcolm. In the movie “This Christmas” Regina plays the older sister (Lisa). Lisa is married to a businessman named Malcolm. Cuban-born actor Laz Alonzo plays the role of Malcolm. When Lisa finds out Malcolm spent Christmas Eve with his mistress she has a surprise. Lisa borrows a bottle of baby oil from her mom ( Loretta Devine). Well, you know the rest. That is if you saw the movie. Let’s just say, Lisa whooped Malcolm a**. This is another time Regina steals the scene. Actually, this could have taken first place in my favorite movie scene by Regina. Tell me what do you all think?

regina this christmas

Let me say this, Regina has been the leading lady for some of Hollywood’s elite. For instance, Regina starred alongside Will Smith, O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson, and Cuba Gooding Jr. In addition, Regina acted with the legendary Loretta Devine, the late rapper Tupac Shukar, Idris Elba, Gene Hackman, Lauren London, Tom Cruise, Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs, the late Suzzanne Douglas, Janet Jackson, Renee Zellweger, and many others, as reported by Brittanica.