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Feds Impose New Charges On Casanova!!!!



Feds Impose New Charges On Casanova

Feds Impose New Charges On Casanova. It sounds like the Feds are doubling down. Casanova could be doomed.

Is Casanova a danger to the community?

Feds impose new charges on Casanova. Is this the end of Casanova’s rap career? With this new indictment can Casanova prove his innocence or not? We found out that Casanova was denied the bail.

Even though, Casanova’s attorney was willing to post the $2.5 million. I told you in an earlier article that some of Casanova’s people gathered the money for his release. However, the judge thought Casanova posed a danger to the community, as reported by Vlad TV.

And, we find out that there are yet new charges Casanova is facing. There are five new racketeering charges for Gorilla Stone and Casanova. In addition, a arrest was revealed that entailed aggravated identity theft.

Also, another charge of attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon is pending. Allegedly, Casanova was involved in a shooting which left a rival gang hospitalized.

To make matters worst, the judge wants property and contractual rights of any kind related to alleged racketeering seized. With that said, the trouble for Casanova is mounting.

If you ask me, it appears that the Feds want Casanova locked up for good. Of course, Casanova is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. But these additional charges could be devastating for him.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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