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Fat Joe Might Be In Big Trouble!!!



Fat Joe Might Be In Big Trouble

Allegedly,  Joseph”Fat Joe” Cartegena is being accused of being a “Rat.” And, we don’t have to scratch our heads about who is doing the accusing. Yes, his long-time foe Felix”Cuban Link” Delgado. Some documents with Fat Joe allegedly admitting to selling drugs and knowing about a murder surfaced.

Are The Documents Authentic or Not: Is Fat Joe A Snitch?

It is no secret that Cuban Link and Fat Joe have a long-standing beef. In March 2021, Cuban blasted Fat Joe for missing a ceremony in Big Puns honor. The Pig Pun Plaza was named after the Hispanic rapper. Unfortunately, Christopher”Big Pun” Rios died of a fatal heart attack in 2000. “Terror Squad was one of the more promising crews in Hip Hop. Headed by Fat Joe, Terror Squad contained a collection of Latino emcees from the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Bronx. Cuban Link, Armageddon, Prospect, Triple Seis, and Big Pun rounded out TS with Pun centered as the crew’s crown jewel, as reported by Hip Hop DX.”  As a result of Big Pun’s death, Terror Squad started to disband. Big Pun was a core part of their foundation as a rap group.

During the same interview with Hip Hop DX, Cuban explained what happened between him and Fat Joe,

It was definitely business dealings that he was doing before when we was coming up, even when Pun was around. He would do greedy moves. I was there for it and I would tell him, “My dude, isn’t 20% enough? Why do you have to put yourself out in front of your own artists to get yourself paid and leave us behind in the dust? You’re supposed to be reppin’ us and pushing us instead of us making ways for new business ventures and you cut our throats. We gave you the permission to be on top and speak for us, and then you cut our throat and block us out.”

Clearly, Cuban has not forgotten about all that allegedly transpired back then. However, in Cuban’s latest accusations against Joe, it appears there is some paperwork.



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Please, let me iterate, allegedly paperwork was produced. But don’t start drawing any conclusions. This does not necessarily mean Joe snitched. We can’t see the top of the document. And, anyone can copy and paste. So, before we pass judgment on Fat Joe, let’s get more information. Although, Cuban Link did not waste time presenting the documents on his Instagram page. Also, you can’t read the signatures at the bottom of the document. In addition, we don’t know if it is an affidavit or not. If this is true, Fat Joe could be in big trouble. Apparently, Troi”Star” Torain and Anthony”Buc Wild”Best have a popular YouTube show. The conversation by Star posted on IG is why Fat Joe’s character is allegedly in question.  Will Fat Joe respond to these allegations made by Cuban Link or not? At any rate, we let you know when the other shoe drops, so to speak.

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