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Fat Joe Called Ja Rule’s Guest Dusty B**** On Stage!!!!



Fat Joe Called Ja Rule's Guest Dusty B**** On Stage!

Unfortunately, while Joe was in the heat of the Verzuz with Ja Rule he made harsh comments. Fat Joe mentioned that Ja went to a crack house to find them bitches. Some fans were really upset by what Joe said.

Fat Joe Back Tracks And Apologies to Lil Mo

Fat Joe is getting a lot of backlash for his inappropriate comments. Before Lil Mo came out on stage, Joe said to Ja, “Oh, them dusty bitches. You had to go to the crack house to find them bitches.”

Although, Lil Mo did not address Joe on stage about his comments. Clearly, she was offended because she mentioned it in her interview with TMZ. Lil Mo had this to say,

Clearly, Joe was apologetic to both Lil Mo and Vita. Also, you can see where Remy Ma came to Joe’s defense. But the damage was already done. Some things you can’t retract after being said. For the future, Joe should be more mindful of how he addresses women. Oftentimes, there are consequences for your actions. In this case, Joe felt the repercussions of what he said about Lil Mo and Vita. At this time Vita has not posted anything on social media. Fortunately, for Joe, after his apology Lil Mo accepted by posting this,



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There you have it. It sounds like Joe and Lil Mo are good.


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Check out the video above for more details.

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