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Fat Joe And Big Puns Wife Liza Feud Reignites On IG!!!



Fat Joe And Big Puns Wife Liza Feud Reignites On IG

Joseph”Fat Joe” Cartagena and the wife of rapper Christopher”Big Pun” Rios are at it again. The two have gone back in forth over the years about one issue or another. Allegedly, Liza accused Fat Joe of shady business dealings as it relates to Big Pun.

Will Joe And Liza Ever Agree On Money Issue?

Would it hurt Joe to break Liza Rios off some more money? Especially, since her late husband “Big Pun” is partially responsible for Joe’s success. Recently, N.O.R.E. the host of “Drink Champs” claimed he saw Big Puns contract. He admits the contract was “standard” for new artists, as reported by Vibe. But in all fairness, is it possible that neither Joe nor Pun understood much about contracts? Also, most new artists back then signed standard contracts. For some, it was the best offer they could get.

However, Liza alleges that Joe owes Pun $2.3 million in royalties. In fact, here are her exact words on Instagram,

“Joe want me to apologize to him for me going after what was rightfully my families!??” asked Rios. “He is responsible for over 2.3 million in royalties that was never paid to Pun it’s all in the court papers! All public info!”

Well, Joe was not having it. He jumped into the conversation on IG. Joe talked about the court hearing with Liza. According to Joe, he does not owe anything to Liza and her family. He went on to share what the judge asked Liza during the hearing. In 2014, Liza filed a $1 million lawsuit against Joe. The initial lawsuit claimed that Joe agreed to split any profits with Big Pun that were made, as reported by the Source. But Liza claimed she had not received any money since 2005.

After the hearing, Liza’s attorney Lita Rosario said that the settlement was fair. So, why is Liza still upset with Joe. It appears that the matter has been settled. Or could it be that Liza believes she is entitled to much more? Be that as it may, both Liza and Joe are at it again. It does not seem either is willing to back down. Nevertheless, Liza may never get any more money from Joe.

Check out the video above for more details.

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