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Fat Joe Addresses Being Called A Snitch!!!



Fat Joe Addresses Being Called A Snitch

A few days ago a document surfaced accusing Fat Joe of being a “Rat.” And, it was former “Terror Squad” member Cuban Link who made sure we saw it. It’s no secret that there is bad blood between Cuban Link and Fat Joe. If you thought Fat Joe was going to let this go, think again. Fat Joe fired back.

Fat Joe Proclaims: I Am Not A “Rat”

In other words, Fat Joe dismisses the allegations he snitched. On Friday Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena hopped on his Instagram Live and proclaimed his innocence.  Fat Joe let everyone know that the documents presented to the public are not real. Fat Joe wasted no time dismissing the documents, as reported by Complex. In fact, he called them “the most fake” in the history of “all mankind,” Joe went onto share this, as well,

“I would kill myself to tell on someone.” Let’s not forget that. I am at a higher level in my life, regardless of whether you realize it or not. To get where I am, I have worked hard. “So I have friends, some of the most powerful in the world, in the game. They hit me up with things like, Yo Joe, don’t respond these people, you are bigger than that. They want to bring you down. ” Joe continued with,“Mind you. I’m with Hermes.” Today is about hate or love. We call people hater but do they actually hate the people they are?”

I shared with you all previously, Fat Joe and Cuban Link have beef. Apparently, Cuban Link has issues with Joe which go way back. This is not the first time Cuban Link has allegedly accused Fat Joe of bad business dealings. 

While we don’t know the specifics of what Cuban Link is accusing Fat Joe of doing. We do know that Cuban Link has also blasted Fat Joe for not showing up and the late rapper’s “Big Pun’s” dedication ceremony in March 2021. Although, Fat Joe did not mention Cuban Link by name in his IG live. It was very clear, according to Fat Joe he never snitched. More important to note, Fat Joe talked about reasons why rich and famous people are selective in what they reveal to the public. Be that as it may, Fat Joe’s character will still be in question by those who believe the documents are real.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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