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Fan Upset With J Cole!!!



Fans Upset With J Cole.

Fans Upset Want J Cole. The music artist is trending on social media. Fans emoji’s really told the story of their discuss.

What did J Cole say?

Fans upset with J Cole. In a freestyle J Cole mentioned Bill Cosby’s name. And, fans took issue with what J Cole said.

We all know that Bill is incarcerated for three counts of aggravated indecent assault, as reported by XXL Mag. For that reason, many have turned their backs on Bill.

I think fans were outraged with  J Cole after hearing what he said.  Here is what J Cole rapped:

“Or who they debatin’ is better/Let’s face it, he one of the greatest/No Bill Cosby shit, but if niggas is sleepin’, then fuck ’em/Most niggas don’t understand me/I don’t do the GRAMMYs, I be in my jammies on sofa/Most niggas don’t understand me,”

Obviously, some thought J Cole’s comments were insensitive to women.  And, they did not hide their feelings.

In fact, they royally bashed J Cole. Which sent social media in a tizzy. Unfortunately, if J Cole was trying to drum up publicity for his new album release, not cool.

Is that why he made such a controversial remark? Of course, if J Cole wanted a buzz before dropping his album “The Off – Season” he sure got it.

Making mention of Bill in his freestyle is one way to promote his new album. However, will it cost his fans to drop him? Stay Tuned!

bill n j cole

Check out the video above for more details.

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