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Fabolous Dodges A Major Bullet Regarding Emily B’s Court Case?!?!



fabolous dodges a major bullet

According to Bossip Fabolous was in court in Northern New Jersey on Thursday, where both prosecutors and his lawyer Brian Neary asked for more time to hash out a plea agreement deal.

Earlier this year, Fabolous was in a altercation with his children’s mother Emily B. The video went viral. Fabolous was charged with domestic violence and making terroristic threats towards Emily B and her father.  In March, Emily reported that Fabolous punched her several times, as a result her teeth were supposedly knocked out. She filed a criminal complaint.

Rapper Fabolous and Emily B reconcile

Since the alleged incident Fabolous and Emily have reconciled. Emily dropped the restraining order and a separate domestic violence case was dismissed.

On another Uncensored Truth Podcast O’God and Sam Ant revisited the topic on Fabolous facing jail time for his domestic abuse and terroristic threat charges.

O’God gave an update on the pending criminal case involving Fabolous and Emily B. Supposedly, Fabolous is taking a pleas agreement instead of going to jail. This is good news for Fabolous. O’God also pointed out that nothing was substantiated on the allegations. However, Fabolous has entered in to what is called pre-trial intervention. This program has the person complete requirements that is ironed out between the defense lawyer and prosecutor. Once program is completed the defendant charges can be dropped.

Sam Ant went in hard about the situation on Fabolous, It seemed like the media and everyone was hyped about all of the allegations, only to find out that this could all have been avoided. At any rate, Sam Ant and O’God were both glad Fabolous can finally move on with his life. Hopefully, things will work out for him and Emily B.

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