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Explosive Interview With Eazy E’s Son!!!



Explosive Interview With Eazy E's Son

Explosive Interview With Eazy E’s Son. Lil Eazy E speaks. Lil Eazy tells us what we all have expected all along.

Lil Eazy E gives the inside scoop on his dad’s life

When NWA first came on the scene some people were flabbergasted. There had never been another rap group with such radical music.

To the point, where the police and other public officials were outraged by their lyrics. But it did not stop (Niggas Wit Attitudes) NWA to stop creating their unique gangsta sound.

In fact, NWA encouraged young people to stand up and for what they believed.

In other words, Eric “Eazy E “Wright, O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson, Andre “Dr. Dre” Young, and Lorenzo “MC Ren” Patterson went against the norm.

Their lyrics glorified gang life, drugs, sex, and disregard for authority. Of course, some did not agree with this gangsta music. Therefore, the group was met with a lot of public ridicule.

However, public opinion did not matter. Because young people everywhere were celebrating NWA’s musical success.

Behind the music stood founder Eazy E. Along with Jerry Heller, the Compton rap group became a household name. The rest is history.

Unfortunately, during the height of their success, Eazy E’s life was cut short. Allegedly, Eazy E died of full-blown AIDS.

The hip-hop world went into shock. No one ever expected Eazy E to succumb so quickly after being diagnosed. Shortly, thereafter, NWA was no more.

explosive interview with Eazy E's son

Rumors continue to swirl about Eazy E’s death

During his interview with hosts, O’God and SamAnt Lil Eazy E confirmed our suspicions. Was there some sort of foul play? Did Eazy E die from AIDS?

According to Lil Eazy E, he nor his family believed his father died from AIDS. There has been no further investigation on his death. Certainly,  a lot of us believe something happened.

We have no tangible truth. I hope that Lil Eazy E and his family can get closure.

easy e's son

Check out the video above for more details.

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