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Exclusive Interview With C Murder’s Publicist Lisa Jackson!!!



Exclusive Interview With C Murder's Publicist Lisa Jackson

There have been some new developments in Corey’s “C-Murder” case. C-Murder has hired civil rights attorneys Ben Crump and Ronald Haley Jr.. Attorney Crump will now head up the team for his release. Also, In a press release on August 4 C-Murder’s publicist, Lisa Jackson spoke about 31 sealed documents they may hold the key to C-Murder’s release.

 Attorney Ben Crump And Lisa Jackson Fight for C-Murder’s Freedom

Momentum is heating up for C-Murder. C-Murder is fighting for sealed documents to be released. His publicist Lisa is making sure the public is aware of C-Murder’s quest. C- Murder along with his famous brother Master P, Monica, Kim Kardashian is all asking for his release from prison. C-Murder was convicted in 2009 of allegedly killing Steven Thomas a 16-year-old. However, C-Murder has maintained his innocence from the very beginning.

But no matter what C-Murder has been unable to prove his innocence. Even though, witnesses ( Kenneth and Darnell Jordan) in the trial have recanted their stories. And, one of the jurors (Mary Jacob) admitted she was verbally abused and intimidated to convict C-Murder.

Since, the trial, C-Murder has become an advocate for himself and other prisoners. In fact, C-Murder went on a hunger strike to protest the inhuman treatment in prison. Currently, C-Murder has embarked on another hunger strike to protest the lack of medical treatment inside Elayan Hunt Correctional Center, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. C-Murder is alleging that inmates who have tested positive for Covid – 19 are placed in dorms with inmates who have tested negative. This is causing the virus to spread unnecessarily.

The topic of C-Murder’s hunger strike came up during Lisa’s interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt.  Lisa claims there are 31 documents that are sealed concerning C-Murder’s case. She alleges that within those documents lie DNA evidence which may prove his innocence. These sealed documents were not presented during C-Murder’s trial. That alone is problematic.

Lisa went on to talk about the mistreatment of Black men within the justice system in the US. She mentioned there needs to be justice reform. Lisa pointed out that black men in prison are treated very unfairly. Many times, they are innocent but lack the representation to prove it. I absolutely, unequivocally agree. We have got to rally for criminal justice reform. Especially, as it relates to black men. If you are interested in helping the cause you can go to the purple union. Purple Union is the organization C-Murder has started to help in the fight for criminal justice reform.

Hopefully, Lisa, attorney Crump, and attorney Haley will have success in getting C0 Murder released from prison.  Incidentally, attorney Crump’s name sounds familiar it is because he has represented the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Travon Martin, as reported by Atlanta Black Star.

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