Will The Gun Found In 21 Savage Car Seal His Fate?!?!

Will The Gun Found In 21 Savage Car Seal His Fate

Will the gun found in  21 Savage car seal his fate? The rapper was arrested and is preparing for deportation. However, he may have to face other charges. The authorities confiscated a gun from the inside of the glove compartment of the vehicle Savage was in.

21 Savage may now face weapons charges

During the arrest of the young rapper a gun was found in his red Dodge Challenger. However, Savage attorney, Steele told the media that the gun does not belong to Savage. Whether Savage will face weapons charges remains to be seen, according to XXL Mag. How will this new information affect the deportation case? Especially, since we now know that Savage was arrested by the Atlanta police Narcotics and Vice unit. The case against Savage is getting more complicated as time goes on.

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