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Michael Eric Dyson: Viral Commentary On Black Women

Michael Eric Dyson: Viral Commentary On Black Women

Professor Michael Eric Dyson has recently gone viral with his commentary on African American women. Dyson spoke candidly regarding black women in interracial relationships.

Black Women are The Most Romantically Segregated Group in America

For African American women, interracial pairings have been much less common than their male counterparts. More recently, pioneers such as Christelyn Karazin of The Pink Pill and Dr. Ralph Richard Banks have spearheaded studies and movements encouraging black women to expand their dating options to include non-black men.

Black Women Are the Least Married Group of Women in America

Those in opposition to black women finding partnerships outside of their race attribute these interracial pairings to selling out and self-hatred. Others, like Michael Eric Dyson, see something different. Especially when it comes to dark-skinned African American women.

Black Women Are the Most Educated Demographic in America

Colorism, like racism, has plagued the African American community since its inception. Several colorism activists such as the personality behind Youtube Channel “Chrissie” and Divine Dark Skin (DDS) Magazine, have taken up intellectual arms against the phenomenon.

Black Women Facing Racism and Colorism Simultaneously

DDS Magazine focuses on the corrective promotion of dark-skinned black women while The Pink Pill strategies to educate black women on their reality as the least wed women in America and what their options are.

Dr. Ralph RIchard Banks, author of, “Is Marriage For White People: How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone,” is an African American man paired with an African American wife in a decades-long marriage in which they share children.

Colorism: Dark Skinned Black Women as Less Desirable Partners For Black Men

As have owners of both The Pink Pill Underground and DDS Magazine, Banks has concluded that black women should open their options to include non-black men. Especially darker-skinned black women with coarse “type 4” hair who are routinely discriminated against within the confines of their own community. African American men have historically found lighter-skinned and mixed black women as more desirable wives and partners.

Colorism: “I bet that B*tch look Better Red” – Lil Wayne

One need only look at the latest rapper’s song lyrics for colorism. Or have a look at the number of historically black organizations that once barred membership for darker African Americans. Blue Vein Society ideals abound in the African American community even though steps have been taken to redefine dark-skinned black women as other than masculine and unattractive.


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