Bow Wow Was Arrested For Assault In Atlanta!!!

Bow Wow Was Arrested For Assault In Atlanta

Bow Wow was arrested for assault in Atlanta. Rapper Shad Moss aka Bow Wow is known for his temper. The star of ,”Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” was arrested for fighting a woman. The woman who was arrested along with Moss was his ex- girlfriend.

Bow Wow charged with misdemeanor battery charges

Allegedly, Moss was taken into police custody after a call was made to Atlanta police about a fight. The woman, Leslie Holden called the police and said Moss had assaulted her, according to CNN News. However, Moss told the police that the Holden was the aggressor. The police arrested both Moss and the Holden. Clearly, Moss has some injuries to his face. Moss told police that Holden hit him with a lamp, bit and she spit on. So far, Holden has not made any statement about the incident.


shad moss and woman arrested

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