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Eminem Talks With Sway On Quarantine!!!



Eminem Talks With Sway On Quarantine

Eminem Talks With Sway On Quarantine. We have not heard a lot from rapper Eminem. But like all of us Eminem is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Eminem writing while in Quarantine

Eminem talks with Sway on quarantine. Legendary rapper Eminem and Paul Rosenberg sat down with Sway Calloway for an interview on Shade45, as reported by DX. While Eminem talked about other things the question of the pandemic came up. Although, Eminem is familiar with being secluded the quarantine is different for him. Here is what Eminem told Sway:

“Fame has definitely over the years kinda already had me quarantined, but it’s the fact of knowing that you can’t really go out and we can’t move like how we normally move, “he said.” “It’s not just the same thing for me every day that it always is. There’s something to be said about knowing that you can’t go out and do certain things. It’s not the same when you can’t do a lot of your regular routines and shit, and going to the studio is like my outlet. We can’t really get in and do much, so I’ve just been writing.”

Is it just me, or does it sound like Eminem his hinting at a new music. I think that during the stay at home orders most people are finding ways to be creative. And, I think it is a great time to work on things you have put off.  So, it makes perfect sense for Eminem to write and keep his creativity flowing. It would be nice to hear new music from Eminem.

sway n eminem

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