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Drama At The View: Why VP Kamala Was Not On Stage!!!



Drama At The View: Why VP Kamala Was Not On Stage

The popular daytime show “The View” had a shake-up. During their live show, Anna Navarro and Sunny Hostin abruptly left the stage. We later found out that both have tested positive for Covid -19. However, was it possible that the ladies were going to drill  Vice President Kamala Harris? Especially, about her stand on the Haitian crisis.  What is it that was going on behind the scenes?

Vice President Kamala Harris was a guest on the popular daytime talk show

But before the Vice President came out, both Ana and Sunny were asked to exit. There was a puzzled look on the co-host’s faces as they left. Allegedly, both Sunny and Ana tested positive for Covid-19, as reported by the Daily News. And, the executive producer Brian Teta made the decision to remove the women. In fact, this is what Teta revealed in an interview on Monday,

“In that moment, all I could think was that we had to keep the hosts safe and we had to keep the vice president safe; she could not walk out no matter what. And that led to some really awkward moments of television that I’d like to have back. I really want to apologize to Sunny and Ana because in the midst of all this chaos, they had this information that was put out on television and then, to make it even worse, it turned out to not even be true.”

Of course, we later found out that neither Sunny nor Ana have Covid, according to ABC News. Is it possible that there was another reason? Shortly after, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared in a separate room. Kamala was interviewed by Joy Behar. While it all worked out. There are still some unanswered questions Sunny and Ana had prepared. Or at least, we think both Ana and Sunny were prepared for a showdown. Thankfully, both women have been tested over the weekend. Both Ana and Sunny have tested negative for Covid. Imagine That!


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