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Drake Receives Backlash For Including R Kelly On His New Album!!!



Drake Receives Backlash For R Kelly Inclusion On His New Album

All eyes are on Drake’s new music album. And, even though people are making comparisons between Drake and Kanye West’s new music. Drake’s album is doing extremely well. However, Drake may have cost his music a heavy blow.

Drake Gives R Kelly Writing Credits

On Friday, Drake released his sixth studio album”Certified Lover Boy.” Drake’s fans were eagerly awaiting its arrival. The album was originally due to come out in January. Drake collaborated with some of hip-hop’s elite. , Here are some of those who participated in the 21 song album (Jay -Z, Travis Scott. Lil Baby, Future, Young Thug, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Kid Cudi). But what has some people up in arms is Drake including R Kelly writing credits. If you think that was controversial, Drake then dissed Kanye West.

Drake fans are upset about the R Kelly mention. As a result, Drake received backlash.  Especially, since R Kelly is currently on trial for sex trafficking and racketeering, as reported by USA Today. Apparently, R Kelly’s 1998 single “Half on a Baby, was sampled on Drakes’s song,” TSU.” Was Drake trying to send us a message? Couldn’t Drake have chosen another artist’s music to sample? Does Drake believe that R Kelly is innocent?

Is it possible to separate what R Kelly has been accused of doing from this music? At any rate, Drake may lose the coveted top spot on music charts because of his decision. By the way, R Kelly will receive royalties. Although, he may never see one dime due to his mounting legal fees. At any rate, Drake’s decision is stirring quite a debate. Wouldn’t you say?

drake n r kelly

Check out the video above for more details.

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