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Dr. Umar Johnson Challenges Mike Tyson



Dr. Umar Johnson was trending yesterday on Twitter due to challenging Iron Mike Tyson to a boxing match. It began when rapper Freddy Gibbs was interviewing Mike Tyson. During their one-on-one, the two began discussing how ‘bad’ ‘white girls’ were back in the 80s.

Black Brothers Reminiscing on the Beauty of White Women in the ’80s

Mike Tyson begins to discuss the way they wore their hair big while Gibbs summed up white women’s beauty in the 80s with one name: Michelle Pfeifer. Indeed, it was Michelle Pfeifer that Bruno Mars was referring to in his hit ‘Uptown Funk‘ when he said ‘white gold’.

Gibbs Warns Tyson that Johnson Would Not Appreciate their Lusting over White Womenfolk

In the midst of their conversation lauding the praises of white women’s beauty, Gibbs interrupted the topic explaining that Dr. Umar would not appreciate the discussion. Mike Tyson was confused and asked who was Dr. Umar Johnson to have an opinion on how they feel about white women. While the prolific public speaker Dr. Umar holds several degrees and titles when it comes to the black consciousness community, Gibbs could only describe him as a man who “doesn’t like white people”.

Johnson: Upset That Mike Tyson Doesn’t Know Who He Is

Mike Tyson’s body language contorted at the thought of a person propagating race hate. He immediately gave his heart’s honest opinion about bigotry. Dr. Umar Johnson was appalled at the failed description of him given to Mike Tyson by Freddy Gibbs, who has vowed to leave hip hop for R&B. It also seemed that Dr. Umar was upset that Mike Tyson did not readily know or acknowledge who he was.

Johnson Publicly Challenges Tyson to a Boxing Match

Dr. Umar responded to the interview challenging Mike Tyson to a non-fatal duel of sorts. He went on to name-drop Floyd Mayweather as a possible trainer. Johnson proclaimed that he could last at least 5 rounds with Mike Tyson, knowing his limits and that he would eventually be knocked out. Would you pay to see this fight?

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