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Dr. Boyce’s Opinion About Lizzo, Snoop, Kevin, and Young Ma!!!



Dr. Boyce's Opinion About Lizzo, Snoop, Kevin, and Young Ma

Dr. Boyce Watkin is one of the greatest business minds of our generation. Also, Dr. Boyce’s perspective on celebrities is on point.

Dr. Boyce Has Great Advice For Celebrities?

When listening to Dr. Boyce you can’t help but notice his wide range of knowledge. Especially, as it relates to the issues in the Black community. Time and time again, Dr. Boyce has presented clear and lucid arguments about our issues. Even though Dr. Boyce is met with a lot of opposition, he continues to fight the good fight. In his latest interview with host O’God and SamAnt, Dr. Boyce discusses singer Lizzo, Kevin Hart, Snoop, and Young Ma. In the conversation, Dr. Boyce pointed out some very interesting points on each celebrity.

Let’s start with Lizzo, Dr. Boyce agrees that she is very talented and beautiful. However, he differs from the way Lizzo presents herself. Is it possible that Lizzo has some hidden issue with self-image? Why is it that Lizzo feels the need to twerk and make inappropriate comments? Also, Dr. Boyce seemed to not be moved by Lizzo’s tears during a post on Instagram. In fact, it is that post in particular that prompted the discussion about Lizzo.  Dr. Boyce pointed out Lizzo could allegedly have some sort of internal fight going on.

As the conversation evolved, Dr. Boyce made some comments about Snoop and Kevin’s Olympic commentary. Dr. Boyce mentioned that he has nothing against Snoop and Kevin.

“But so many of the black men we see on TV are presented as clowns.” When Black men are presented in the national media they are either gay, funny, or extremely ignorant in one of those categories. When they fit some sort of stereotype, which goes way back to slavery. If you don’t fit the stereo type you are almost non-existent.”

Dr. Boyce went on to say that these figures should not be the “most relevant” people in the Black community. There is this pre-existing narrative. And, it is within this construct the so-called “White Supremacy” seems to direct the consciousness of the Black community. It is difficult to disagree with Dr.Boyce. Obviously, there is some truth to Dr. Boyce’s observations.

For instance, when Dr. Boyce talked about rapper Young Ma he complimented her by saying she is very talented. But Dr. Boyce disagrees with her using death in almost all of her music. In addition, she has been seen promoting drinking in her Henny videos, as reported by Hip Hop DX. This is a contradiction because Young Ma allegedly admitted she entered rehab. Wouldn’t it have been great for Young Ma to promote sobriety instead? Again, the narrative to promote health and wellness in the Black community has been dismissed. Overall, Dr. Boyce has presented yet again some very vital information to consider.

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